A ‘Reyt’ Read was created because here at Holy Trinity, we love reading. And we want you to love it as well. We know that there are tons of brilliant books out there and we would love to hear about them. We want to create a site where you can find out about the books your friends have loved, and where you can tell share your favourite books online too.

And not only that – at Holy Trinity we are always looking to improve our book selection. We want the library to be a place where you love to come and visit, so if you would like to see a particular book on our shelves, or even if you have read a book you really liked and want to get your friends to read it too, you can post your recommendations on this blog and we’ll see if we can stock it in the library for you.

So please support A ‘Reyt’ Read by following this blog. Please check out the books that your friends have recommended. Please post your own reviews about the books you’re reading. But most of all, please keep reading.



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