The Fallen Star, by Jessica Sorenson

The Fallen Star is my favourite book. It is a story of a girl with a stars energy in her and it is a thrilling yet somehow scary book. I like it because it is to do with magic and I am a fan of books with magic in them.
Lauren Mitchell, y9

War Horse, by Michael Morpurgo

I recommend the book War Horse which is a war-novel written by Michael Mopurgo. The book is based on a young horse named Joey who lives in England on a farm in 1914, Joey develops a close bond to his owner Albert, however World War One breaks out and Alberts farther sends Joey off to France to participate in the war, this leaves poor Albert distraught, Joey has to face really cruel times whilst in the war, this can make the reader upset but it’s not all bad in the end.
I think people should read this book and especially if people are interested in war, this film is happy and sad at times but is quite a ‘feel-good’ film when you realise the story.

By Lucie Rose, year 8

‘The Great Gatsby’, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and ‘The Hunger Games’, by Suzanne Collins

The Great Gatsby book cover 2

What is my favourite book?

My favourite book has to be The Great Gatsby, this book is at a higher level but it is a good book to enjoy nevertheless! It is my favourite book because it is set in the 1920’s and in the jazz era and I find that era particularly interesting. It is about a millionaire Jay Gatsby and the story is set through his neighbour Nick Carraway’s perspective. Unlike Gatsby Nick rents a not so luxurious house next to Gatsby’s. Also, it is set in the fictional village of West Egg in America which is supposedly a rich village.

The main characters are Jay, Nick, Daisy, Jordan and Tom. Daisy is Nick’s cousin and Jordan is Daisy’s friend who later becomes Nick’s love interest. Tom is Daisy’s husband however unknown to him Daisy and Gatsby know each other from the past. The story reveals Gatsby’s real identity and dark secrets of his past. Also, it reveals the real truth to his wealth and his adventures with Nick. Likewise to the 1920’s era Gatsby has a pretty high flying life with his fame and fortune however when his love affair with Daisy is revealed, something sinister occurs.

What is a good book for younger readers?


Personally, one of my favourite books I’ve read is The Hunger Games and as a teenage fiction book it is suitable for younger readers. It is set in the future in a nation called Panem in North America after an apocalyptic event when the people rebelled against the government and the rich. The government and the rich are known as the Capitol and after the rebellion they decided to divide the poor into twelve districts. As a punishment for the rebellion The Capitol forces a boy and a girl from each of the districts to fight to the death for The Capitol’s entertainment. The entertainment is called – The Hunger Games.

The book is from the character Katniss Everdeen’s perspective and her sister Prim is selected for The Hunger Games. However Katniss takes her place. The male tribute chosen is Peeta Mellark and the book highlights their battle for survival. The Hunger Games is the first book in the trilogy with Catching Fire being the second and Mockingjay.

By Lucy Chatterton-Deacon, year 11 student

From Elizabeth Darcy Year 8:
Hunger games trilogy reveiw
“The hunger games is amazing and heart warming tragic love story that I adore. I love the books so much I have read it more than 80 times.”

The Twits, by Roald Dahl

“my favourite book is the twits because it is funny and exsiteing and has some very wierd characters  and they do weird stuff.”
 By Oliver Harper, year 7
“I’m doing my review on the twits by Roald Dahl.
The twits is about an old couple who play pranks on each other…its a really funny, entertaining book. It gives you some great ideas on how to get revenge on your siblings. It’s suitable for all ages and keeps you hooked right from the first page. This book is really weird but very captivating and hilarious. Like all Roald Dahl books, it is illustrated by Quentin Blake who has an inspiration of drawing scribbly but amazing drawings.
Thank you.”
By Jordan Sherriff, year 7

Skulduggery Pleasant & The Book Thief

untitled‘Skulduggery Pleasant’, by Derek Landy:

This book is fast-paced, funny and incredibly daring. It follows the story of Stephanie Edgely after she discovers a new world lurking beneath the ordinary. It includes fun-loving characters such as a skeleton detective who can shoot fire! Even though the main character is a girl, this book is so full of action, you won’t even notice. Overall, even though this book is aimed at a younger audience, I think that anyone of any age can enjoy it.

the_book_thief_feature-film‘The Book Thief’ by Markus Zusak:
‘When Death tells a story, you really have to listen.’ This one line makes me want to read this book all over again. Imagine a little girl being adopted in Nazi Germany, she steals books. The story of Leisel is a sad one indeed- narrated by Death and the colours of the sky. This book may seem a little difficlut to get into at first, but is full of lovable characters which you find yourself attached to immensely. You will cry at the end, I assure you but that makes it all the more endearing.

Autumn Sykes