Holes, by Louis Sachar

My favourite book is holes because it has lots of good actors in it also I read it with my fantastic teacher Mrs Thomas and when I read a chapter it got better and better. :-)
I loved that book I also liked the film aswell it was very great all thanks to Mrs Thomas.
Thanks. Every one for posting on this wall xxxxx
From Amy-may harrison YR 7 7×3 b /me
Mrs Thomas english class


War Horse, by Michael Morpurgo

I recommend the book War Horse which is a war-novel written by Michael Mopurgo. The book is based on a young horse named Joey who lives in England on a farm in 1914, Joey develops a close bond to his owner Albert, however World War One breaks out and Alberts farther sends Joey off to France to participate in the war, this leaves poor Albert distraught, Joey has to face really cruel times whilst in the war, this can make the reader upset but it’s not all bad in the end.
I think people should read this book and especially if people are interested in war, this film is happy and sad at times but is quite a ‘feel-good’ film when you realise the story.

By Lucie Rose, year 8