A Date for your Diaries!

Melvin-Burgess-001Very exciting news! With luck, international best selling children’s author MELVIN BURGESS could be visiting our school on 27th November 2013!

Melvin’s most famous works include ‘Junk’, a prize winning novel (Melvin won both the Carnegie Medal and the Guardian Children’s Fiction Award in 1996) about the dangers of drug abuse. It follows a group of heroin-addicted teenagers living on the streets in Bristol, and after taking heroin a few times rapidly find their lives spiralling out of control beyond anything they had ever imagined. He has also penned ‘Doing It’, a novel dealing with the dangerous consequences of underage sex, and ‘Billy Eliott’, a novelisation of the film. Several of Melvin’s books have been adapted for TV and film, and he has written smash hits both in the UK and America. In particular, Melvin has been praised for his honest and hard-hitting approach to dealing with teenage issues, enabling teenagers to make careful choices and fully understand the consequences of the life changing decisions they make.

Fingers crossed, Melvin will be coming to our school to give a talk and run some workshops, and will give you all a chance to meet a real life celebrity!

And that’s not all! There’s even a chance to win a copy of his latest novel, ‘The Hit’. All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning this book is post a comment below and you will be entered into a draw to win this amazing prize!
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Skulduggery Pleasant & The Book Thief

untitled‘Skulduggery Pleasant’, by Derek Landy:

This book is fast-paced, funny and incredibly daring. It follows the story of Stephanie Edgely after she discovers a new world lurking beneath the ordinary. It includes fun-loving characters such as a skeleton detective who can shoot fire! Even though the main character is a girl, this book is so full of action, you won’t even notice. Overall, even though this book is aimed at a younger audience, I think that anyone of any age can enjoy it.

the_book_thief_feature-film‘The Book Thief’ by Markus Zusak:
‘When Death tells a story, you really have to listen.’ This one line makes me want to read this book all over again. Imagine a little girl being adopted in Nazi Germany, she steals books. The story of Leisel is a sad one indeed- narrated by Death and the colours of the sky. This book may seem a little difficlut to get into at first, but is full of lovable characters which you find yourself attached to immensely. You will cry at the end, I assure you but that makes it all the more endearing.

Autumn Sykes

The Hobbit

The-Hobbit-Book-CoverThe book I really enjoyed reading was ‘The Hobbit’, by J.R.R Tolkien.

I first read this book when I was younger and I have loved it ever since. I think it is really inspirational story that shows you that anyone is capable of doing extraordinary things.

It is set in Middle Earth and follows Bilbo Baggins and his friends on an adventure that really stimulates your imagination and draws you right in to the action. This is a great book for anyone who likes to use their imagination and enjoys action, adventure and suspense.

Miss Mallin, Teaching Assistant.

Oliver Twist

9781445104577Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

I liked this book because it has lots of really intresting charactors, my favourite charactor is Oliver.

I think this book would suit older children and grown ups best because it is quite long and has some themes that yonger children may not understand or find frightning.

Ethan McNicholas

Diary of a Wimpy Kid : Dog Days

diary_of_a_wimpy_kid_dog_days_towatchpile-690x1024Diary of a wimpy kid : Dog days

The book is based on a 12/13 boy who describes how is life is in the summer holiday and is very funny and really describes how a real boy/girl behaves.The author has really thought about how to portray the character known as “Greg” and it has an edge like when you realize what the book is about you really get that feeling like you want to read more and more of the same books! I love this book its really demeaning in slight way!

I think people should read this imaginative book its really good!

Daisy Pennington

Pride and Prejudice

pride-and-prejudiceMrs Thomas, English teacher:

My favourite book is ‘Pride and Prejudice’, by Jane Austen. It’s a bit of a cliche, but I absolutely love it and it’s the only book I can re-read over and over again without getting bored!
It’s a great book if you love timeless romance stories, and I defy anyone who’s ever read it not to want to be Lizzie Bennett or Mr Darcy. Plus there are great TV and film versions of it as well – great for Keira Knightley and Colin Firth fans.