Staff Recommendations

Mrs Thomas, English teacher:

My favourite book is ‘Pride and Prejudice’, by Jane Austen. It’s a bit of a cliche, but I absolutely love it and it’s the only book I can re-read over and over again without getting bored!
It’s a great book if you love timeless romance stories, and I defy anyone who’s ever read it not to want to be Lizzie Bennett or Mr Darcy. Plus there are great TV and film versions of it as well – great for Keira Knightley and Colin Firth fans.


One thought on “Staff Recommendations

  1. The book I really enjoyed reading was ‘The Hobbit’, by J.R.R Tolkien.
    I first read this book when I was younger and I have loved it ever since. I think it is really inspirational story that shows you that anyone is capable of doing extraordinary things.
    It is set in Middle Earth and follows Bilbo Baggins and his friends on an adventure that really stimulates your imagination and draws you right in to the action. This is a great book for anyone who likes to use their imagination and enjoys action, adventure and suspense.

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